Leaders Educated And Prepared


Photography by Steven Shames

At the root of each of these issues

is a disempowered individual who, without regard to race, religion, class, or education, chooses to limit his or her life, community, and the world.


LEAP is out to change the world...

starting with the self.

LEAP teaches the individual to see himself or herself as a confident, worthy, committed leader, an integral part of the solution, NOT as a victim of circumstance.




Self-aware leaders unite communities in collaborative, diverse partnerships.

LEAP's new outreach transforms today's isolated homogeneous groups into teams of diverse, resilient, committed, problem solvers.

LEAP: We're out to change the world...starting with ourselves.


Diverse partnerships connect education, community, empowerment, and financial resources.

The LEAP team is empowered to use ingenuity and communication to design and implement a solution that will impact the world.



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