Leaders Educated And Prepared

What is a LEAP?

First, Train to lead
Second, Pick your diverse partners and unite disparate communities
Third, Impact the world


LEAP into Action!

"LEAP to Lead" leadership training:

LEAP's leadership course is called "LEAP to Lead". Statistics show that leaders can only lead if they know themselves and their world. In diverse teams, LEAP trains self aware, confident leaders with the collaborative, innovative, and entrepreneurial tools needed to solve problems in the 21st century.

LEAP to Lead is a 12 unit experiential leadership program focused on the following themes:

• Choosing to be a leader

• Conviction and vision

• Respect and responsibility

• Courage to act

• Integrity and accountability

• Failure as opportunity

• Collaboration—building a team

• Innovation and inspiration

• Resilience and vulnerability

• The truth vs. your truth


Three communities =
one LEAP team of equals:

LEAP builds trusting partnerships among one global and two local communities (one affluent, one non-affluent), each comprised of individuals who through collaboration and leadership are trained to commit to a mission of their choice.

LEAP will become the new outreach and will transcend race, age and class to introduce collaborative partnerships to all ages in a ladder approach:

• Elementary students will grow up with a diverse partner for collaborative service work.

• Middle school students will be taught leadership skills and patterns of awareness in partnerships from disparate communities.

• High school students, college students and adults will seize the opportunity to partner together and collaborate to put their education to work in entrepreneurial, innovative, self designed outreach programs that address chronic issues throughout each community.

• Corporations will recognize the benefits of a tool building, personal connection as compared to the ensuing disconnect of material and financial donations.

As a model, LEAP can be used in schools, organizations, religious and non-religious based organizations, non-profits and civic groups.


Personally designed outreach programs to impact the world:

To create long-term change in the world, the LEAP team is trained to connect education, empowerment, community and financial resources. Rather than hand out money or aid, LEAP teams collaborate with professionals to generate micro enterprise, small loans, and local businesses.

In the next 15 years, the LEAP model will:

• Reduce racism

• Narrow the achievement gap

• Lower dropout rates

• Reduce spending on in-effective social programs

• Train confident, accountable, young adults with the integrity to communicate, inspire, innovate and collaborate.

• Unite communities by deploying social media and new communication tools



LEAP: We're out to change the world...starting with ourselves.

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