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Outreach Consulting

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Use Our Team to Build Your Team

Our team of educators is here to facilitate the design and implementation of your LEAP.

Outreach development is now a priority across all industries. The LEAP consulting team will ensure that your outreach program is designed to connect community, education, empowerment and financial resources.

To personalize and implement your LEAP, our Team will:

• Facilitate the design and implementation of your LEAP

• Look for existing programs that can be strengthened by the LEAP model

• Reach out to new local and global partners to explain the LEAP model

• Teach your LEAP or consult with your teachers or administration

• Train teachers to enact both the LEAP to Lead class and the Cycle of Leadership

• Ensure that your outreach program is designed to connect education, empowerment, community, and financial resources

Schools and civic organizations empower the students to serve their community in a myriad of ways. Corporations, on the other hand, often serve their communities with tangential projects that do not relate to or transfer skill based knowledge. LEAP suggests that corporate executives more purposefully impact their communities by donating their time to a cause connected with their focus and expertise.

If executives and tradesman would think of themselves as mentors to empower another individual with tools to remain or become independent, they would strengthen communities across the country.


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