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LEAP's New Outreach

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LEAP's New Leadership

Outreach becomes the litmus test for education, an opportunity to put education to work and connect real world issues to academics.

A partnership that builds sustainable connections of depth, and programs that combine education, empowerment, community, and financial resources

Teens assessing their local and global communities and using their voice to declare a mission to resolve chronic issues using the skills learned in the LEAP to Lead class—and practiced throughout the cycle of leadership

No choice needed—LEAP is a collaborative effort among three local and global communities

Diverse leadership training as part of a sustainable cycle of leadership with a commitment to:

• Build self aware individuals

• Test each individual’s ability to successfully use his skills to see his vision become a reality, and prove the value of personal connections

The Ultimate Impact

Leaders Educated And Prepared

• Empowerment vs. entitlement

• United communities connected by a diverse team of equals

• A ‘culture of aid’ transformed to a culture of sustainable partnerships

• Confident young adults with skills to assess and collaborate

• Young leaders with a conviction to solve problems rather than wait for others to solve them

• Connection between teens and community professionals who have the know how to carry out their vision

• Micro-enterprise

• Business development skills

• Efficient use of time

• Global and local awareness

• Diverse cultural and socioeconomic perspectives combined to resolve problems

• Outreach as a test of leadership skills and individual resilience to break down barriers that keep communities weak

• Sustainable local and global programs, run by leaders who have been educated with the conviction, resilience, and skills to succeed

Leadership Today

Outreach is currently an “after-school program”, often a box to check off for your college application rather than an integrated part of our education

The Handout of money or material goods from an affluent to a non-affluent community

Teens used as fund raisers for a mission chosen by a larger organization to impact either their local or global mission

Must make a choice to impact either local or global issues, due to time restrictions

Short term homogenous leadership training programs and mission trips

LEAP: We're out to change the world...starting with ourselves.

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