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“If experiential learning is the strongest way to learn,
and personal connections are the most powerful motivator,
then LEAP is an obvious solution, as it provides long-term experiential connections with students (both next door and across the globe) around academics, teamwork and problem-solving.
Should this type of outreach be interwoven throughout our disciplines? Of course!”
— Leigh Perkins, English teacher, LEAP educator, Brooks School, MA

LEAP: We're out to change the world...starting with ourselves.

LEAP’s solution to unite leadership and outreach as an integral part to today’s education reform


Today’s diverse, global world of technology and innovation needs a system that inspires the next generation to lead with collaboration, innovation and communication. While the State governance will reform the core curriculum, LEAP programs will attend to the core confidence and collaborative leadership potential in each individual.


LEAP’s educational programs compliment the educational system of today with:

• Collaboration between 1 global and 2 disparate American communities

• Innovation to resolve chronic issues that weaken our communities

• Communication skills needed to work in a fast pace, globally competitive marketplace

• Empowerment vs entitlement


Why Now?Education reform has been an important issue in America for decades; and yet we have not been successful in meeting the needs of our youth.American education, which used to be the envy of the world, is in dire straits. The U.S. ranks 21st among 25 developed countries on overall educational achievement for 5-year-olds. Many public school students, kindergarten through 12th grade, are struggling; minority children and poor children are struggling the most. Too often they fall behind in school and drop out, increasing their risk of entering the cradle to prison pipeline. Staying in school and receiving a quality education are the best deterrents to juvenile delinquency and the surest route towards responsible, productive adulthood.- Children’s Defense FundThe New Outreach Formula

LEAP will become the new outreach and will transcend race, age, and class to introduce collaborative partnerships to all ages in a ladder approach:

• Elementary students will grow up with a diverse partner for collaborative service work.

• Middle school students will be taught leadership skills and patterns of awareness in partnerships from disparate communities.

• High school students, college students, and adults will seize the opportunity to partner together and collaborate to put their education to work in entrepreneurial, innovative, self designed outreach programs that address chronic issues throughout each community.

• Corporations will recognize they can more purposefully impact their communities by repeatedly donating time to teach their skills and expertise, while creating personal connections with sustainable depth.

A LEAP participant is no longer a victim of circumstance but a committed leader with a vision to see to fruition. By fostering strong partnerships among disparate racial, cultural, and economic backgrounds, LEAP generates a heightened awareness of the importance of shared perspective and the potential for growth when working within the greater global community. Envision a world united by trained and committed leaders with the confidence and tools to build sustainable outreach programs that connect education, empowerment, community and financial resources. It is time to put the model to work in schools, organizations, religious and non-religious based organizations, non-profits and civic groups.

LEAP Goals:All students who grew up in LEAPs, will embody the confidence and infrastructure to:• reduce racism• narrow the achievement gap• lower dropout rates• reduce spending on ineffective social programs• train a confident, accountable, young adult work force with the integrity to communicate, inspire, innovate and collaborate• unite communities with social media and new communication tools

Quick Facts:

• More than 60 percent of fourth grade public school students are reading or doing math below grade level.

• American schools are re-segregating: 73 percent of Black students and 78 percent of Hispanic students are in predominantly minority schools.

• 46 percent of Black high school students, 39 percent of Hispanic and 11 percent of White students attend the 2,000 “dropout factories” across our country, where less than 60 percent of the freshman class will graduate in four years with a regular diploma.


The Root of the Issue

We are trying to educate students of the 21st century with an outdated system conceived, designed, and implemented for a different age. Our current system of education is a nationalized educational system modeled after the German system to produce literate but obedient factory workers in the mid-late nineteenth century. We are no longer an industrialized nation that thrives on obedience and this archaic system is alienating millions of students and weakening the future of the country. It is time to connect innovative education with collaborative leadership and outreach; it’s time to LEAP.



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