Leaders Educated And Prepared

The Impact

A world united by trained and committed leaders with the confidence and tools to build sustainable outreach programs that connect education, empowerment, community, and fiscal resources.

“Through LEAP, I have come to realize that no matter how different cultures or lifestyles may be, the partnership between communities is vital, and can lead to the greatest ideas.”

—Abby Herman

“LEAP helps us understand one another better and break down the cultural differences that bar us from seeing each other, not only as a person, but also as a human being. LEAP expands our mindset by connecting us to other diverse communities. LEAP creates life changing moments.”


“LEAP has changed the way I look at community. A year ago, I was clueless about what was going on in the town next door, and now, we share strong connections, understand the negative effects of stereotypes, and thanks to Skype, have built a partnership with students from Kibera. LEAP helps us to experience the bigger picture.”

Austen Deery

“LEAP fits into the FAFU mission and is mainstreamed within the FAFU core programmes. We have added an agenda to reflect on issues that weaken communities, and how to use writing as a tool for meaningful communication in the real world.”

—Simeon Ajigo

LEAP: We're out to change the world...starting with ourselves.

“LEAP has made me realize that I have to expose myself to other people in order to really learn who I am. I have learned to communicate more effectively and also to collaborate.”

—BMHS Student

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