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Design a LEAP


LEAP: We're out to change the world...starting with ourselves.

Recipe to start a LEAP:


1. Form a LEAP club at your school or community center to build your team

2. Inspire a teacher or leader to:

a. mentor / coach your LEAP team

b. help you establish your partnerships

c. establish accountability and integrity as you run your meetings

Remember you can start a LEAP with one diverse partner or start with all three.

3. Reach out to LEAP or other experts to make a plan of action to build a team of trust among disparate partners.

4. Begin to meet and communicate weekly with one or both partners.

5. Ask yourselves:

• What is your passion?

• What are your strengths?

• What issues need your support?

• Where in the world do you want to work?

• How can you best learn to walk in another’s shoes?

6. Establish a mission that fits your vision and remember there are no boundaries as to the type of LEAP you create.

Examples: Writer’s LEAP, Comparative Film LEAP, AIDS Awareness LEAP, Leadership LEAP, Environmental LEAP, Literary LEAP, Anti-Bullying LEAP, Music LEAP (see LEAPs in Action for more ideas)

7. Decide whether a trip is an integral part of your LEAP.

8. For a visual overview of the Cycle of a Leadership, click here.


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