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Pay It Forward Tutoring Program

Local Leaders

Izzy Lee (’12–’13), Sam Stine/Julianna Lee (’13), Julianna Lee (’14)

Local Partners

Darien High School, Norwalk Grassroots Tennis

Proposed Global Partner

After School Bridge Program Initiative (India) Spring 2014
Eagle Program (Haiti) Fall 2014

Interested global partners are welcome



LEAP: We're out to change the world...starting with ourselves.

Mission for Change:

• To help students in local and global communities improve their grades and study habits

• To build confident and trustworthy relationships and friendships between the students and tutors

• To inspire those who are being tutored to create a pay it forward program in which they build their own tutoring curriculum
to help enrich their community

• To help reduce the achievement gap between different communities locally and soon globally


Local Actions:

• Tutors (high school students) have been working weekly with students at Norwalk Grassroots Tennis in one to one pairs on homework, projects, and the Arthur Ashe essay contest

• Tutors have gotten to know their students outside of their academic needs in order to build relationships of trust and kindness


Future Goals:

• To have every student as Norwalk Grassroots Tennis complete the Arthur Ashe essay contest and submit it for a possible prize

• To gather more tutors from not only Darien High School but also surrounding communities

• To create a summer program with Norwalk Grassroots Tennis in which the students read certain books and discuss in groups

• To partner with other organizations such as the Stamford YMCA EAGLE program

• To begin the “pay-it-forward” part so that the current students soon begin their own tutoring program and help other students

• To inspire the students so that they feel empowered to work hard in school and create opportunities for themselves

• To begin working with the After School Bridge Program Initiative and teach them the foundations needed to organize and implant an effective learning program, including video messages with the global partners


Current Needs:

• In need of more tutors in order to being working with other organizations

• In need of recommendations of books for middle and high school students to read over the summer in order to start the book groups



• Studying skills such as time management, organization, and efficiency have been taught and have began to be implemented by the students

• The education gap between different communities has begun to disappear as students grades improve, as shown by their progress reports

• Students and tutors have transformed a partnership into friendships that encourage the students to want to learn and succeed


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