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Musical LEAP to Kenya

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Community Building Through Music

Local Partners

4th and 5th graders from Ampark School, Bronx, NY and Fieldston School, Bronx, NY

Global Partners

Drug Fighter’s School, Kibera Slums, Nairobi, Kenya


Vision for Change:

• To introduce children to a variety of world cultures through music and inspire them to understand the power of their knowledge and compassion as young leaders

Local Actions:

• Students from 2 schools that were only two miles apart in the Bronx, and had never interacted before, broke down local barriers and created community through a musical partnership in which each group learned part of a score that could only be heard in its entirety when the 2 groups were together.

• Through the creation of videos, the local partners were able to share their music and individual stories about their perspectives and cultural norms with students in Kibera and ask for the same in return.

• The program musically enriched the lives of 100 local elementary aged children.

• This partnership confirms that music can be used as an important tool in knitting together a community of children, teachers and families. The S’Cool Sounds program uses recorders and percussion to introduce children to playing a musical instrument and creating musical ensembles.


Global Actions:

• Kiberan students shared their indigenous music and stories through videos with their American partners.

• The program musically enriched the lives of 300 global elementary aged children.

• Students expanded their musical knowledge when they extended the score the American’s had learned by adding their own rhythms, and playing their part using camel bones, cups and nails, and shakers.


Community Collaboration and Future Goals:

• To look for moments to maintain the power of music as a language that connects communities across the globe.

• To look for opportunities, in and out of the classroom, to maintain personal connections through other interdisciplinary skills.


Current Needs:

This LEAP is currently inactive.



• A group of students now able to use music as a way to communicate their passion, cultural traditions, and individual talents on instruments indigenous to their communities.


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