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LEAP to L.E.A.D. Uganda

Social Change Through Photo-Journalism, Arts, Economic and Leadership Development

Local Partners

Darien High School and Carver program at Brien McMahon High School

Global Partner

L.E.A.D. Uganda

LEAP: We're out to change the world...starting with ourselves.

Vision for Change:

• To utilize literary and artistic mediums as a venue for social change.

Local Actions:

• 47 students and teachers have been empowered to join in-depth Facebook conversations with a purpose to learn about each other's cultures and identify and understand chronic issues that plague each community.

• Darien students have hosted 3 Ugandan students.

• Students have launched a LEAP club at Darien High School and inspired a group from the Carver Center - Brien McMahon after-school program to be their local partner.


Global Actions:

• Steve Shames’ photo-journalism visit to DHS inspired 2 DHS families to travel to Uganda summer 2011.

• Seeta High School has agreed to be our global partner for more regular and personal connections.


Future Goals:

• Host a 3rd Uganda student Nov 2012

• Students from all 3 communities will choose monthly topics to communicate about issues they feel will educate each community about our cultural norms, similarities and differences.  Participants are encouraged to share their thoughts using all disciplines from literature to history and art to photo-journalism.


Community Collaboration:

• Host a 3rd Uganda student Nov 2011

• A partnership of students and faculty from Brien McMahon High School, Darien High School and the Carver Center in Norwalk has been created to raise awareness and build collaboration and community across all subjects.

• Publish a column in the newspapers with the knowledge learned that will inspire a more united community with a breadth of perspective.


Current Needs:

• Students need mentors from all disciplines to work with them as they create artistic and literary works to be shared in the magazine.

• A publisher is needed to create a magazine on a monthly basis to be shared between the three communities.

• Sponsorship for the magazine, student scholarships in Uganda and travel to Uganda summer 2012.

• A satellite is needed for consistent internet at Seeta High School in Uganda.



• Awareness that anyone given the chance to seize their education can reach their potential.

• Proof that education can unleash a powerful wealth of intellect that will continue to change not only the individual but also his or her community.

• Focused educational use of social media creates an opportunity for sustainable global education.

• Developing a communication of trust allows students to educate themselves on all sides of an issue to accept different perspectives and create a vision for change.

• US students acknowledged that they were using their culture as an excuse and could only look to themselves for their success.

• Inspired a student to co-lead a LEAP to Lead class and start a new LEAP to Nicaragua.


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