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LEAP to Kibera


Anti-bullying and Recycling Initiative

Local Partners

New Canaan High School, Stamford Boys & Girls Club

Global Partner

FAFU, Kibera Slums, Nairobi, Kenya


LEAP: We're out to change the world...starting with ourselves.

Mission for Change:

• To create a collection and/or a recycling business to turn garbage and human waste into fertilizer or bio-fuel.

• To educate the surrounding schools, families and teachers to teach an anti-bullying initiative in order to create stronger community values.


Local Actions:

• Students have been writing weekly letters for a year to establish a relationship of trust and a vision for change.

• Students started a LEAP club at New Canaan High School and the Boys and Girls Club in Stamford.

• Students collaborated to assess the roots of bullying and have begun to design future anti-bullying programs to establish in local middle and high schools.

• Students reached out to various local garbage to energy companies including Peepoople, the Acumen Fund, and Sanergy.

• Students connected FAFU, their global partner, with the various garbage to energy companies.


Global Actions:

• Kiberan students have been writing weekly letters for a year to establish a relationship of trust and a vision for change.

• A team of 30 Kenyan students and Simeon, a visionary leader, are committed to change their environment by introducing a program to pick up the human, non-biodegradable and biodegradable waste and to reward respectful behavior with credits to earn a trip to Mount Kenya or a bag of beans or rice.

• The FAFU team has reached out to the Peepoople offices in Kenya to arrange a working partnership. Currently negotiations are under way for FAFU to sell Peepoople garbage to energy products in Kibera. The results of this partnership are twofold: to create a garbage to energy program, and to create micro-enterprise businesses in Kenya.


Future Goals:

• Students will look for local students who will commit to establish an anti-bullying initiative to impact Stamford and New Canaan.


Community Collaboration:

• The mission of this group has gained local attention from GVI (Green Village Initiative), Darien Nature Center Group, Talmadge Hill Church in Darien, Barry Woods of Project Hope in Stamford, psychologist Barbara Greenberg, the principal of NCHS, the Carver Center in Norwalk and the Keystone group in Stamford.


Current Needs:

• Kibera has had to stop the clean up until they receive funds to purchase the safety equipment for the students committed to the clean up.

• They need a donation of $2000 for the supplies so that they don't get cholera and other diseases while doing the work.

• Sponsorship monies needed for travel scholarships to Kenya summer 2012, recycling materials, bags of rice and beans and an overnight trip to Mt Kenya.

• Mentors and professionals to teach and implement a micro-enterprise business to turn the garbage into energy.

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• Develop pre-professional skills such as: research, business development, and presentation techniques.

• Overcome the challenges endured when classroom science is implemented into a real-world setting with people from different cultures.

• Students continue to transform a partnership into friendships that encourage them to discuss issues that at one time would have been taboo.

• Clear understanding of the conviction it takes to see failure as opportunity until a goal is reached.

• Inspired three local students to co-lead a LEAP to Lead class.


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