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Men’s LEAP with Pivot House


photography by Larry S. Voigt

LEAP: We're out to change the world...starting with ourselves.

Empower the “at risk individual” to Choose A Healthy Lifestyle

Local Partners

Talmadge Hill Men's Group and Pivot House Staff Members, Norwalk and Bridgeport, CT

Global Partners

No global partner
Vision for Change:

LEAP to Lead Leadership education, connected with Biblical and theological stories, is the venue through which the community will empower each individual to see the power of the philanthropic leader.


Local Actions:

• This local partnership offers disparate individuals the opportunity for a life free from abuse and an investment in oneself for the good of others. Staff members at Pivot House and successful businessmen from Fairfield County take the time to step back, re-asses, simplify, and evaluate expectations and truth. The result:  stronger, more informed individuals committed to a partnership that will build a more cohesive, empowered community.


Future Goals:

• Will be dependent on the vision of the 2012 team


Community Collaboration:



Current Needs:

• Seeking to connect our team with a new group of men from Fairfield County who would like to engage in collaborative spiritual conversations of depth and action.



• Acknowledgement that disparate individuals with ingrained stereotypes and patterning could learn from each other, create a partnership of trust, and design programs to strengthen each of their communities.


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